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In her most recent Raku ware, Lynn Dee continues to explore form and pattern. She enhances her hand thrown shapes and sculptural attachments with brushwork of glazes and metallic oxides.

"My first contact with clay felt so natural that it quickly became my passion. Raku came into my life not long after I first touched clay, so they are almost one and the same to me."

"I enjoy hand throwing and try to create the most beautiful flowing shapes possible. In order to make my work unique, I spend a lot of time making and testing glazes and more time carefully applying the glazes and oxides to each piece before the glaze firing. I especially enjoy painting shapes onto the form all the way around, so that no matter how you hold the piece you see a different interesting arrangement."

"Most recently I have been influenced and inspired by the desert landscape. I am even physically adding the desert, in the form of clay and sand, to my glazes. This gives them a more reflective surface.  I also now alter the surfaces and shapes of some thrown pieces and use slab construction for a more sculptural effect."

"The complete process is coming together for me as I refine and unify my techniques."

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